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14th Dragonboat-Cup

Saturday, 14th July 2018

Dear dragonboatcup interested,


this year the already 14th …READY? GO! … Dragonboatcup takes place on 14th of July at our Clubs ground. This day will not be quiet and will have unusual rough swell in the West Bay of Ossiacher See. In several runs at the straight and 222m long race track the competitors will fight for the strongly demanded Dragonboat Cup. Spectators, relatives, friends, colleagues and fans will cheer for them. The grill, the pot and the tap will not get a rest before the end of the winners ceremony followed by the winners party with live music. For this event we don’t take a fee from spectators.


While 2 teams, consisting of 20 mates, compete at the 222m long and straight race track in the west bay of lake Ossiach, the other competitors, relatives, friends, colleagues, fans and spectators gets support from the grill, the pot and the tap. For this event we don’t take a fee from spectators. Potential Competitors are asked to register for a start via Mail or phone.